In the early 90's, Marc Summers, ruled Nickelodeon. If you don't remember him you'll remember the game 'Double Dare'. It was the biggest game show for kids in the 90's. They made getting slimed the coolest thing ever. Summers made an appearance on Geeking Out and wanted to share some juicy secrets about the show. What really happened back stage? Watch the video to find out.

According to Geeking Out, Nickelodeon knew all along that 'gak', the squishy liquid inspired by the slime on 'Double Dare' was the street name for heroin.

Watching this YouTube video of 'Double Dare' reminds me of the good ole days, of getting off of school, grabbing a juice box and vegging out watching TV, no worries in the world. I found this old episode of 'Double Dare'. It will take you back to when life was easy.