This is just insane, a 9-month-old Pakistani baby is accused of plotting a murder!?!? 

His name is Muhammad " Musa" Khan, and he is only 9-months-old. They are accusing him of raiding a state-run gas company and plotting to murder police. The family was so scared for their baby's life they had to go into hiding.

Musa along with his father are being charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The only thing this baby is murdering is his apple juice and snacks. This is beyond crazy!

Musa was granted bail in court last week, and has another court appearance on April 12th. Seriously, does this look like a face of a murderer?


According to the Pakistani police, the entire family beat up a police officer during a protest, baby included. The funny thing is little baby Musa can hardly pick up a milk bottle, much less pick up a stone and beat someone with it.

The critics are calling for the charges to be dropped!

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