Cue the Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' jokes. USA Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn was trapped in a bathroom, so he did what normal people do in that situation.

Totally break the door down, then take a picture.


Members of the media have been reporting about the bad conditions in Sochi leading up to the Winter Olympics, and maybe they can learn a thing or two from Quinn.

When life closes one door, sometimes you have to open another; and if that door is locked -- you have no choice but to destroy it.

Quinn does have NFL experience, playing stints for the Packers and Bills as well as the CFL, so I guess that explains the strength behind the photo above. Look for Johnny and the rest of the USA bobsledding team to go for the gold on Feb 16.

Lets hope that he doesn't get locked in any bathrooms in the meantime.

[via FTW]