If you aren't hip to Terrio yet, you definitely missing out on a hilarious 6-year-old who may have singlehandedly saved Vine. He first caught the world's attention when his cousin Maleek posted a funny video of him "at it again" on a basketball court. When Terrio broke it down with the funkiest dance moves he instantly became an overnight viral superstar.

These dance videos of Maleek's "lil cuzo" Terrio soared to the Top list on Vine at a time when the video sharing apps future was questionable in the wake of Instagram revealing a new video feature that did everything that Vine did, but better and longer. What Instagram didn't have though, was a shirtless dancing kid named Terrio going hard in the paint 24/7.

Soon, Terrio and Maleek's trademark "Oooh Kill 'Em" catch phrase went from being a hashtag to a bonafide way of life when it was time to "turn up." Pretty soon there were Terrio remixes, and by the time football started, the 6-year-old's signature moves were being displayed during end zone celebrations from high school to the NFL.

But still, no matter how popular Terrio and his "Oooh Kill 'Em" movement has become, there are still plenty of people who are simply "doing it wrong." Recently, the young Vine superstar sat with Mando Fresko and gave us a personal step-by-step tutorial to his famous dance.

Watch and learn children.