If ever your man has said, "I don't mind what you wear," chances are they weren't really being truthful to you. According to yahoo shopping, men have their favorites when it comes to what ladies wear. We highlight a few of the favorites here, and see if you agree or disagree with some of these.While most guys will say that they don't like the "granny panties," it is true that guys want you, ladies, to be comfortable in what you wear under your clothes. Still let it be know, guys do love lacy undergarments on you ladies.

As for shoes, and ladies we know that you love your shoe collection, but you can leave the platform heels in the closet. Most men say that ladies wearing platform heels are less respectable and that women wearing classic heels are much more respectable. One guy said in a yahoo study that a woman in classic heels is the type woman you take tame home to meet mom. It was also noted here that ladies wearing dresses that are too short take away from a guy's imagination. Longer dresses with classic heels seems to be the preference here.

As for informal wear, I'm not sure why we guys like this, but we do. There is something sexy about the sweats. With that said, guys do prefer the sweats to NOT be of the saggy kind. A focus group consisting of 50 average guys said that sweats that appear to be too big is a turn-off, while those that seem to conform to the body are much more sexy.

On a side note, we guys often find it sexy when ladies wear ball caps. I'm not sure if it's becasue of the informal thing that comes with it, or if its that you show your true comfort zone when you wear one, but they are attractive on women. By the way ladies, we aren't talking bout the flat bill caps.

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