I was hoping this was all just one big rumor, but unfortunately it is all very true. According to TMZ, Paris Hilton's latest quest is to become "the most powerful female house music DJ of all time."

How does Paris plan to do this?

Easy. She is traveling the world and "hanging out" with super-famous DJs.  She has reportedly become very tight with BIG names like Afrojack (Give Me Everything), David Guetta (Where Them Girls At) and she even appeared and performed with Deadmau5 on stage over the Labor Day weekend. (WTF?)

One source extremely close to the heiress tells us, Hilton believes she can become the "Queen of house music" -- because "no woman has ever taken over in that arena ... and she wants to become that person."

[via TMZ]

There was once a time, where I would be disgusted that someone like Paris Hilton would think that you can just "become" a DJ and use her fame to get high profile gigs (hey, it worked for Pauly D, didn't it?) but I know that this will be more of a joke than anything else, much like her singing "career."

Oh, and she is also planning to release a bunch of songs produced by other big name artists her own album by the end of the year.


Paris Hilton on stage with Deadmau5

Paris Hilton partying with Afrojack & David Guetta

Could you ever take Paris Hilton seriously as a DJ? (could you ever take her serious as anything?)