I don't know exactly why, but I always find that professional athletes publicly partying just hours after losing the biggest game in their respective sport is just unsettling. To me, it's a slap in the face to your teammates and your fans. Hell, after the Saints lose regular season games I'm bummed for a good 48 hours, so if Jimmy Graham or Jabari Greer were pounding shots of patron and doing the Tootsie Roll for all of YouTube to see after a Super Bowl loss (or even a 49ers playoff loss), I'd definitely be pissy.

New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski was under a microscope in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLVI because of a nasty ankle injury he sustained late in the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens. He was even spotted in a walking boot the week of the big game, and many credited the injury as to why Gronk was virtually a non-factor for the Pats during the Super Bowl.

I'm here to tell you, that Rob Gronkowski's ankle is just fine. He proves it in this video where he is awkwardly tearing up the dancefloor to LMFAO at a Super Bowl XLVI after-party (just hours after he missed a hail mary pass that would have won the game for his team) with like, 10 other dudes. I could be mistaken, but I swear I saw a shirtless Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore' run through at 2:20.

I could be wrong, but I don't think 'DWTS' will be calling anytime soon.

Rob Gronkowski Tears Up The Dancefloor 'Jersey Shore' Style with a Ton of Dudes