I'm gonna tell you right now this is not cool at all. If you like Justin Bieber or not. I know some of us would like to see this young kid fail, but organizing a DEATH POOL in his name is not cool.If you don't like him then don't listen to him.

The station Rock1009 of Albany, NY (not one of  our stations BTW)has begun a challenge for its listeners, offering a $200 prize if you accurately select the month of Bieber's death …in 2013! once again not cool!

One of the listeners responses were :

"Hoping for and finding entertainment in someone's death is sickening. I would watch out for karma if I were you. Rock1009 you have just guaranteed that I will NEVER listen to your station, and judging by your statuses and the other comments people have left, I won't be missing much."

and Rock1009 response was :

"Get your head out of your ass! Have you ever heard of having fun?"


I'm sorry but  I don't see the  fun in betting on the death of someone for monetary gain.

Here is the post VIA [Perez Hilton]

rock1009 justin bieber death pool

What do you think , Is this just having a little fun ,or not cool at all?