From last week's flooding of Carencro and parts of St. Martin Parish, the waters have yet to drain from the Vermilion River. Now, with a new round of heavy rain passing through Louisiana, it's got just about everyone looking for a dry area.

The Zoo Of Acadiana, the most fun you can have in Louisiana, was also getting it's share of rain. So much so, that even this pygmy hippo had to move to dryer land.

Not to be outdone, UL students had to brave the rising waters as one of the only educational institutions in the 7 parish area to not cancel classes. If parking wasn't enough of a hassle for your car, where to put your canoe?

Northwest in Eunice, the waters began to cover HWY 190, and cars had to make their way through the flood to safety. With water like this, it's hard to see the road, and can be quite dangerous at night.

The weather has now moved east, and it looks like we'll have a few days of drying time before the next system makes it's way through. If you have any more photos from the recent storm, be sure to comment below and add your pics.