Social media blew up when they realized that the popular fried chicken franchise, Raising Cane's, was now serving breakfast—but there was just one small catch.

When Twitter user Jacob Boudreaux posted a photo of what looked like a Cane's breakfast menu, the photo was retweeted as many voiced their excitement.

But it was all too good to be true—sort of.

Julie Perrault, a spokeswoman for the franchise, crushed our dreams when she revealed that the breakfast menu is only available at the Cane's located in the San Antonio International Airport.

San Antonio airport regulations require that restaurants serve breakfast. There are no plans to offer breakfasts at other Cane’s locations

Cane's plans on sticking with its roots—focusing on 'One Love' of chicken tenders, french fries, coleslaw, toast, and their special sauce. This limited menu allows Raising Cane's to offer high quality meals.

Based on the social media response, breakfast wouldn't be a terrible idea.

[via The Advocate]