Recently, Facebook revealed that 83 million of its 955 million users were indeed fake. But what about Twitter? The social network hasn't given up any hard numbers on the fake accounts that are currently floating around in the Twitterverse, but a new website is on a mission to get down to the bottom of it on their own.

Simply called the Status People Fake Follower Check, the website aims to show how many fake followers -- bots, duplicate accounts and spam-happy businesses -- Twitter users have. All you have to do to find out, is type in a name, and voila - you get a percentage. Even though the fake follower checker is made for accounts with 10,000 followers or less, it claims to still work for people with an insane number of followers - i.e. celebs, music artists, reality stars, etc.

Complex decided to test it out on rappers, to see who is really the hottest MC in the game - at least according to Twitter. The results were, ummm.... interesting, to say the least.

Rick Ross

Followers - 2,343,169

Kanye West

Followers - 8,310,567

Wiz Khalifa

Followers - 7,224,131


Followers - 8,653,112

Lil Wayne

Followers - 7,973,015

Jay Z

Followers - 2,006,371


Followers - 12,047,077

Nicki Minaj

Followers - 14,187,115