Is Ray J over his past love, Kim Kardashian or is he just trying to get some more FREE publicity?

If you ask me, he could care less about Kim K. I think he, along with his team, know that talking about Kim K is automatically going to generate free publicity (it's working right now, as I'm writing this story). If this was just another one of his songs I probably wouldn't be writing about Ray J right now. Not being mean, just being honest.

His last single 'I Hit It First" was a stab at Kim Kardashian. It was obvious, even though he said it had nothing to do with Kim.

Check out his new song 'Never Shoulda Did That.' Once again, it's obviously about Kim, with lyrics like :

"F*****g b**** on camera, shouldn't  did that s***"

He can't deny this one! Just sayin...