It looks like we may owe Jeremy Shockey an apology. A radio interview with local New Orleans author Alan Donnes revealed that the whistleblower in the Saints 'Bountygate' scandal is allegedly former Saints defensive quality control Coach Mike Cerullo. But why would someone who was part of Gregg Williams' defensive team snitch?

Mike Cerullo was let go from the Saints following the 2009 NFL season and Donnes explained that Cerullo became disgruntled, blaming Gregg Williams & Sean Payton for him not being able to find work after he was given the boot from New Orleans. How does Donnes know it's Cerullo? How is he so sure?

There were a whole lot of rumors who did it. Even in New Orleans, they were naming lower level players but I’d bet my checking account, which isn’t very much, that it was Mike Cerullo.

Donnes was very convincing in his interview with America's News Radio Network. I have heard rumors about this guy Cerullo being unhappy about his exit from New Orleans, and wouldn't be surprised if he was indeed the whisteblower. Regardless, the Saints did wrong, right? Are you 100% sure of that? What I'm about to tell you might change your mind.

I'm a Saints fan, so naturally this is automatically going to be a biased viewpoint, but please, hear me out. The thing that caught my attention in the interview is that some of the evidence that Mike Cerullo allegedly provided to the NFL may not have been real.

From a source, in the situation, some of the materials - printed materials - that the whistleblower turned in were suspect and may not have actually been real. And I think Roger Goodell overreacted and now he can't get out of it. And look, the Saints aren't, y'know, virgins here, but they're not the evil guys they're being made out to be.

Is this why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been so hush-hush about these alleged 10,000 documents and 50,000 pages of evidence that they supposedly have on the Saints? Cerullo's motive to do so isn't that far fetched being that he, as Donnes revealed, "believed that Gregg Williams and Sean Payton along with others in the Saints organization was blocking him from getting work."

Whether it's one or one hundred pages of bogus evidence, it opens up the floor for questioning the entire validity of the Bountygate scandal. If some of Cerullo's evidence is phony, what else might be phony? Is anyone validating this evidence? Why hasn't Goodell and the NFL offered up the alleged evidence or documents from the investigation at this point in the Bountygate scandal?

It's only right for everything to be questioned now. Listen to this interview and see if you agree.

Alan Donnes Names Ex-Saints Assistant Mike Cerullo As Bounty Gate Informant

[via Canal Street Chronicles]