New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has spent the last week in Danville, Illinois. Workouts? No. Celebrity appearance? Not quite. Reggie is part of a planned CBS reality show called 'Same Name' and he has been spending time with another Reggie Bush, except this Reggie is a blue collar construction worker.

The premise of the reality show is that celebrities switch places with ordinary people who just happen to share their name. Reggie tweeted earlier this week

Danville is a former Rust Belt town of 33,000 people about 140 miles south of Chicago. Residents say Bush the running back has filmed scenes at a housing complex and the Moon Glo restaurant.

[via AP]

But not everyone is excited for Reggie & his new reality venture. Many people have already taken to Facebook & Twitter to comment on this venture being another "distraction" for Reggie Bush. When it comes to love/hate relationships, The Who Dat Nation's biggest one could very well be with Bush. When we got Reggie back in the 2006 NFL draft, he brought hope and excitement to a beaten down city of New Orleans that still had fresh wounds from the devastating hurricane Katrina.

Over the years, Reggie has contributed to the Saints success-with the Saints earning a Super Bowl Championship ring in 2009 and also being a dominant force in the NFC South division-but it's no secret that the 2005 Heisman trophy winner has never fully met expectations on the field, nor has his performance matched the hefty salary he stands to earn from the Saints organization.

Nevertheless, Reggie still has many fans beyond the critics, and one thing is for sure; he brought a level of 'celebrity' to New Orleans that the city had never seen before. From his high profile relationship with Kim Kardashian to his not-so-glamorous recent scandal with USC and the NCAA surrounding his Heisman Trophy.

Reggie was also a focal point of the media recently over his tweets that reportedly 'painted a picture of unhappiness.' With many folks in the Who Dat Nation publicly calling for Reggie to be traded rather than re-constructing his huge contract, to the Saints pulling one of the biggest shock moves in the recent NFL Draft to acquire power house running back Mark Ingram, one can understand why Reggie might not being "feeling the love" in New Orleans anymore. In the midst of this lockout, Bush has also had his dedication to the team and work ethic questioned for not participating in Drew Brees' player-organized practices at Tulane. Reggie has since come forward and expressed his desire to remain in black & gold, and finish his NFL career in New Orleans, but we won't know any more details until the lockout is over and Bush & the Saints have a chance to sit down and hash out the details.

But only after he finishes filming for his reality show. Speaking of which, will Reggie Bush from Danville be the one renegotiating the contracts? After all, they ARE switching places right? 'Same Name' is set to air in July, with the pilot episode featuring David Hasselhoff, so set your DVR.

Watch two guys geek out over Reggie Bush in Danville, IL.