Remember where you heard it first. Rihanna is scheduled to perform at the NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show in Los Angeles tomorrow and inside sources say Kanye will crash the stage to peform "All Of The Lights" along with Rihanna who's vocals weiigh heavily on the hook of Yeezy's latest single. Deadspin insider Jack Dickey is the one who is predicting the impromptu duet.

He had 2010's best album, best album cover, and best tweets. And now, in the midst of a relatively silent period for Ye, an in-the-know tipster tells us he'll make a surprise appearance during Rihanna's halftime show at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles on Sunday.

On Sunday, expect to hear "All of the Lights," the thumping Kanye track which featured Rihanna, Elton John and Fergie and Alicia Keys and a bunch of other people who are professional musicians.

And, yes, Rihanna will know about this surprise appearance beforehand. We think.