I'm a Saints fan, and if you ask ANYONE who knows me they can confirm that statement. Win or lose, I love my team. I'm very confident about my team, but one thing I don't do, is guarantee that my team will win football games. As a matter of fact, I never guarantee that ANY NFL team will ever beat another NFL team. In this league, the phrase of "any given Sunday" is cliche for a reason.

It's hard to guarantee anything in this league until the final seconds tick off the game clock, which is why I want to know what Alex Smith is smoking. The San Francisco QB will be playing in his first playoff game as the 13-3 San Francisco 49ers host the 14-3 New Orleans Saints in the divisional-round of the NFL Playoffs. When asked by reporters if he thought he could out-throw New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, Alex Smith gave a response that raised quite a few eyebrows.

I have no idea," he said. "I don't care. I really don't care. I'm looking to outscore him. He can throw for how many yards he wants to.

[via OffTheBench]

For what it's worth, not only is Alex Smith playing in his first playoff game, he is also the only QB left in the NFC Playoffs that doesn't have a Super Bowl ring. His Niners squad has had one heck of a regular season and I'll be the first person to give credit where it's due (even if the majority of that credit goes to the 49ers stifling defense) ... But, does Alex Smith really want to make Drew Brees mad?

Will Alex Smith outscore Drew Brees this weekend?

Remember, I told you I don't make guarantees in this league. Just don't be surprised if Drew hangs 60 on the Niners.