Greene County deputies made a very unusual arrest this past weekend. They arrested 36 yeard old Michael Campbell on sex offender charges, but the real story may be what covers his entire face. Yes, his entire face is covered with a tattoo. He was arrested for comingwithin 500 feet from a playground or school, and booked into the county jail.

While the story of this man being so close to a playground or school is somewhat disturbing, I think that his face being covered with tattoos takes precedence.  To think that this man walks the same streets and sidewalks as innocent looking people is flat out scary!!! Ask yourself, what would you do if you saw this man knocking on your door late at night? Yeah, I thought so!!!

On a side note, Campbell has been released from jail on bail, and is back on the streets of Greene County. One thing is certain, he is rather easy to identify if he gets back into trouble while free on bail.

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