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Father Daughter Look Alike Contest – Vote Now
We asked the fathers and daughters of Acadiana to submit photos showing us just how much they look like one another. After going over every photo (at least 50 times, lol) it was hard to decide, but the following are your 20 finalists!
Another Song For Lafayette
YouTube user Brikki Robin has taken it upon herself to highlight life in Lafayette to show her pride in the community she calls home covering Ruth B's 'Lost Boy'.
Mom Watches Cruise Ship Depart As Kids Are On Board [VIDEO]
This is why you can't be late to board a cruise ship. Announcements are made regularly regarding departure time. If you are late, they will have to leave you, and you will be forced to find an alternate mode of transportation to the next port...
Momma Didn't Raise No B****
I am angry at the fact that so many people think kindness can be taken advantage of. It's time to speak the mind that my mother gave me.
Christmas Scrooge Spotted
Security cameras caught a man in Acadiana stealing Christmas lights off of a house, and now a neighborhood is asking for your help in identifying the "scrooge."
Is This Hand Stamp Racist?
Reggie's, a Baton Rouge bar located in Tigerland, is at the center of controversy surrounding a hand stamp that some feel is racist.
Drake Raps About My Life
I'm now convinced he's been following me around and literally using my life as musical inspiration.