Have you ever wanted to slow down time? I know I do all the time. Time really doesn't exist. Check this out. The new iPhone 5S comes with a slow motion camera. Yeah, that's right, you can control how fast time goes in the palm of your hand. Pretty cool feature. Check out how it works

According to Buzzfeed:

The software trail suggests that the iPhone camera will support up to 120 frames per second, which is about the speed shown above. Further clues suggest that third-party apps may be able to capture at only 60 frames per second, or about half-speed, which is enough to produce a dramatic, if not cinematic, effect. Dramatic enough for Instagram, at least.


Apple gave the company Burberry the new iphone 5s a couple of days early. Check out below how the Aesthetic will look. Its pretty RAD!

This will soon be a standard on all phones. I cant wait to see what the masses will do with it. What will they think of next?

By the way,  The Android Galaxy S4 has this feature already but can't be used on Instagram or Vine just yet, but can be posted up on YouTube. Shown in the video below.