Just about everyone has experienced the delights of soft-serve ice cream at some point in their life. One of my favorite places to enjoy the delicious treat was at Jason's Deli, located at 149 Arnould Blvd. They are known for giving out free ice cream to customers no matter what they order. I always light up inside when I see that "Electro Freeze" label in the distance after finishing my entree, and usually I take mine to go. But last Thursday, I would have been in a bind because the Electro Freeze ice cream machine was stolen in broad daylight while drying after it had been cleaned right outside the building.

"We had to have it cleaned, so the guys came out to clean it and we had it outside drying by our back door and somebody picked it up," said store manager Brandon Andra.

[via: The Advertiser]

Andra also added that the machine weighs a whopping 600 pounds and this was the first time it had been placed outside. Lafayette Police say that someone reportedly checked on the machine around 1:10pm and when the employee went back around 2pm, the machine had disappeared.

But, don't fret... ice cream is back at Jason's Deli. Andra says they have already bought a new machine to replace the stolen one and in it's absence, the restaurant gave out free cookies to their customers. The theft remains under investigation and police say the machine is worth well over $10,000!

Whoever stole this machine that has brought so much joy to so many different people of all ages in Lafayette deserves to be put UNDER the jail. But right now, I bet they are enjoying the hell out of some free ice cream.

Be on the lookout! We must find this machine!