While we may not know exactly what happened in that elevator on the night of the Met Gala, we do know that Solange has deleted her sister Beyonce from her life.

Well... her Instagram life at least.

Speculation is still running rampant on why Solange viciously assaulted her brother-in-law JAY Z in elevator surveillance footage that has now gone viral, but no one in that elevator has spoken on the incident to offer up what exactly sparked the attack.

Fans have noticed that Solange has deleted every single picture of Beyonce but one from her Instagram page, and that one photo was posted over a year ago.

Is this move purely coincidental, or do you think it has anything to do with the aftermath of the elevator meltdown on the night of the Met Gala?

As far as JAY Z & Beyonce go, they were spotted court side at the Brooklyn Nets game last night and was even seen laughing and chatting with LeBron James, which is pretty normal behavior for the couple.

Does this move change your thoughts on what may have gone down? Let us know!

[via Complex]