A little something for your Throwback Thursday. Do you remember this episode of Full House, Stephanie Tanner dancing on a telethon, put some Juicy J Bandz will make her dance in the background and it turns into a whole other thing. Oh what would  Danny Tanner say if he could see his daughter now. Just watch and be amazed.


Quick facts about Full House According to Wikipedia:

The show originally ran in primetime from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995, on ABC. The series ran as part of ABC's TGIF Friday comedy lineup for its first four seasons before moving to Tuesday nights, where it aired for the remainder of its run. The series originally ran for 8 seasons, and 192 episodes.

BTW this what Stephanie Tanner real name Jodie Sweetin looks like now.

By: Alberto E. Rodriguez/GettyImages