There are different ways to pay tribute to someone that you love. You can get a tattoo with their name on it, or print out a t-shirt with the person's face on it. You can even post something on Facebook about them, but 23 year-old Katrina Torres wanted to pay tribute to her paralyzed cousin by streaking across the field during the 2014 Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Some people handle travesties by crying it out, others streak across a football field. Ms. Torres had a good reason to streak. She did it for her cousin Gary that was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident two years ago. Gary's dream was to go to the Pro Bowl but now he cant.  Ms.Torres took it upon herself to streak across the field. It was all for a good reason.

She got up and down the field a couple of times, even shoulder bumped a couple of players. Some of the players even cheered her on, until she got tackled by security.

My question is, once they found out the reason why she did it. Should she be arrested for it? She did break the law!

Here is another view.