The man the country has fallen in love with, and has adopted as a household name tells TMZ that he may soon be introducing the country to some of his own secret recipes. Troy Landry, the star of The History Channel's "Swamp People" says he has some rather unique South Louisiana recipes the rest of the country may soon find out about.

Like most of us in South Louisiana, cooking and eating is an important part to our lifestyle. Well, Landry says that several publishers have come forth and have asked if he'd share some of his unique recipes with the rest of the country. While he still seems to be weighing out his options, Landry says he hopes to one day share his recipe for "Nutria Sauce Piquante!!!"

Like so many that live in this area, Troy says that it was his parents who taught him how to cook. His dad owned his own restaurant, and that is where our favorite Swamp Person started to accumulate several recipe ideas.

Troy Landry will be attending our Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the end of July in the Cajun Dome!!!