Nicki Minaj Will Not Perform at Summer Jam in 2013
Although Nicki Minaj was able to air out her grievances with Hot 97 during her heated interview with DJ Funkmaster Flex, she’s still pissed off about the whole incident, according to TMZ. Minaj is so angry that she reportedly has taken an oath to never grace the Summer Jam stage agai…
Drake Responds to His Critics
A lot of people — hip-hop fans, fellow rappers and critics alike — pile on Drake for being soft, sensitive and, well, an actor on ‘Degrassi.’ What does he have to say to them?
Madonna + Deadmau5 Battle, Then Make Up on Twitter
Madonna joined Twitter for one day yesterday (March 26) to converse with her legion of fans about ‘MDNA’ and other assorted topics.
Well, internationally acclaimed DJ Deadmau5 took to the social networking sphere to rip her for her antics during her surprise appearance at the Ul…
Kreayshawn in Twitter Beef With Azealia Banks
It seems like Kreayshawn can’t stop offending people on social media networks. If you remember last year, the ‘Gucci, Gucci’ rapper pissed off Rick Ross after dissing him during her Ustream session. Now she’s feeling the wrath of rap newcomer Aze…

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