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Brad Striker Pranks Chris Reed [VIDEO]
So earlier during day on the morning show, I decided it was time for me to pull a fast one on Chris Reed since HE is always the one giving me a hard time since I'm the 'New Guy.'  If your new to this I'll give you the 5 second rundown, its a friendly rivalry between us and s…
Brad Striker Learns The Tootsie Roll [VIDEO]
So for the night of our Birthday Bash DJ Taz, 69 Boyz, and Dis N Dat decided to stop by during the night show to cut up and talk about the up and coming party at Outlaws.  It was our Birthday Bash Number 8 the Breakfast Jam Edition a.k.a my first birthday party with the Hot Crew.
Brad Striker’s Top 10 Summer Jams
Most of us love to listen to the radio but after driving 7 hours to Destin, Florida with Chris Reed and a couple of friends we all get a little nit picky with the radio.........