Lucky Catch for 57 Dollars [Video]
Dan decides to pass time with his little brother Jack, by giving him the opportunity to keep as much cash as he can catch! Dan is a hard working server, and his latest tips amounted to $125. He tells his little brother, that he'll throw the entire amount of money in the air, and whatever he catches,…
Fan Makes Greatest Catch in Baseball History
Once you become an adult, you can’t really bring your glove to a baseball game. But don’t worry, you still have something to catch a ball with should the opportunity arise. Yup, we mean that 20 oz plastic cup of beer in your hand.
Fan Catches Foul Ball While Talking on Cell Phone [VIDEO]
Generally, when a spectator at a baseball game catches a foul ball he’s next seen fielding a call from a friend or a relative who saw him make the snag on TV.
This Texas Ranger ran took that congratulations right away because he was already deep into a cell phone conversation when he casually grabbed…