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Incredible Charlie Sheen Mask ‘Winner’
It took me a moment to realize what I was watching, I know it's been a while since we've seen from Charlie, and although he says he's in negotiations to do a new TV show, unless Dr. Drew's involved I'm not sure it'll fly.
Charlie Sheen Releases ‘Winning’ Single
With his television career in the toilet, Charlie Sheen has apparently turned to music to keep his celebrity status afloat.
The former 'Two and a Half Men' star, who just wrapped his ill-fated 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' tour, released a single today that features his trademarked c…
Sheen Redeems In Chicago, #Winning Again
After a lackluster debut of his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in Detroit, fully equipped with booing and walkouts, Charlie Sheen redeemed himself tonight in Chicago. Reports described a "totally changed format", which is a good thing being that tour promoters were counting on tonig…
Happy 5th Birthday Twitter!
It seems like only yesterday that everyone was just learning about Twitter, and the correct name for the 140 character or less messages (sometimes referred to as Twits, Chirps and some that can't be repeated). It's come a long way from it's inital message...
Charlie Sheen Hiring Intern – Tiger Blood Required
Are you #Winning? Do you have #Tiger Blood? You could be Charlie Sheen's new intern. The freshly unemployed Sheen is looking to expand his Social Media network by adding to his team. This intern position will be PAID (preferrably not in vials of tiger blood) and will last 8 weeks this Summer...
Inevitable Charlie Sheen Auto-Tune (VIDEO)
Well, it is HERE!! The guy has been on every website, every radio station, and every major network. In recent weeks, Charlie Sheen has been everywhere, and when that happens you know its time to auto-tune him. Enjoy!!

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