Facebook Rules For Guys With Girlfriends

Guys, I have bad news for you. Women as a species are highly image conscious. They spend hours planning out the perfect outfit, and rarely wear the same thing twice. They ponder deeply on the perfect color to paint their room to reflect the inner expressions of their emotions, and they take Facebook…

Kanye West Has A New Girlfriend?
Rumor has it that Kanye West is dating rapper/R& B singer Teyana Taylor. According to the site,, one of Kanye's friends said Kanye and Teyana have had a flirty relationship, while she was dating NBA player, Brandon Jennings.
Tiger Woods Is Back On The Scene
Tiger Woods is apparently back on the dating scene.
According to the Daily Mail, the disgraced golfer is now dating Alyse Lahti Johnston, a 22-year-old (yep, 22) student from Cleveland, Ohio. The relationship has reportedly been going on for a few months now, and sources say Woods -- who is 13 years …