iPhone 4S

Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Awesome iPhone 5 Prank [VIDEO]
The beautiful thing about Apple, is that they are the best at making us think we need things that we really don't. What Apple is even BETTER at, is making us think that their new products are actually offering any real "new" features.
Upgrade To The iPhone 4S For Only 99¢
Yesterday we told you about the all new iPhone 4S from Apple. The Cupertino, CA company says the 4S is their "best smartphone yet" and while most people are torn on upgrading to the 4S or still holding on to hope for an iPhone 5 in the near future, we have a way for you to upgrade …
No iPhone 5 – Instead Apple Announces iPhone 4S, iOS5 & More
Today is Apple's big 'Let's Talk iPhone' event, and in addition to boasting about the success of their other products like the iPad, MacBook Air and the latest OSX Lion software, the Cupertino, CA company will be unveiling the next generation of iPhone - that most of us will sure…