Watch This Bachelor Party’s Cruel Bungee Jump Prank [VIDEO]
So your best friend is getting married and he asks for you to stand in his wedding, it will happen basically to all of us. However, once the bachelor party comes together and brainstorms how to make the moments leading up to the wedding unforgettable, that's when things get interesting. Watch as one…
Bungee Cord Snaps And Tourist Survives
Wow, a crazy video hits the internet and news sites as an Australia tourist's bungee cord snaps 365 feet above Africa's World Famous Victoria Falls! Erin Langworthy managed to swim to safety with her legs tied and a broken collarbone when she hit the Zambezi River on December 31.
Ke$ha Takes Takes To The Sky (VIDEO)
For her Birthday, Ke$ha took to the sky and made the plunge from an airplane. Not too sure if she will write a song about this, but she sure seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps this was on her "Bucket List," well now she can scratch it.
T Dub’s Amazing Dunk
I'm not sure if i'm ready to say move over Blake Griffin....but, 5'9 T Dub can jump,and he can DUNK .....you have to check this out!