Valentine’s Day Kissing Prank Goes Very Wrong! [VIDEO]
When you become a prankster, it's in your job description that something will go wrong. This guy learned the hard way when he got knocked out for trying to kiss a very large man. It started off as a great way to get free kisses from girls, but he ended up kissing someone's fist.
11-Year Old Breaks Hand Punching Superhero In The Stomach
When we last checked in on “real life” superhero ‘Phoenix Jones,’ the Seattle-based crime fighter was getting arrested after he peppered sprayed a group of brawlers outside an area nightclub.
Jones might get on the nerves of the authorities — who would rather he just call them then involve himself in…
4 Phrases That Should Get You Punched
Let's be honest. Most of what we say on a daily basis is complete nonsense. Between complaining about last night's American Idol results, and discussing the pros and cons of choosing Taco Bell over Subway for lunch, we tend to say a lot of dumb stuff...

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