royal wedding

Royal Wedding Hat Hilarity
Having slept through the royal wedding, I didn't get a chance to see the celebrities and relatives arrive to the wedding. Now I know you're not supposed to wear white so as to not draw attention away from the bride, but I think they should make a new rule about hats...
Watch The Royal Wedding In Two Minutes (VIDEO)
I can't tell you that I've ever been to a 5 hour wedding but, The Royal Wedding was one of epic proportions. The extravaganza cost 10's of millions of dollars and our friends at Buzzfeed have managed to shrink down the best parts of this 5 hour fiasco into a 2 minute highlight reel, g…
The Royal Name Generator
I have to admit, I am not that into the Royal Wedding....I get it, but I'm not all hyped up about it. This is really the only thing surrounding the wedding that got me a little excited! The Royal Name Generator!