End of Snooki and Situation?
MTV announced plans last week for a Season 6 of their popular series, Jersey Shore. In those plans, the entire cast was making their return to the show.  Have plans changed? A source close to 495 productions tells TMZ, that MTV is now looking to phase out Nicole "Snooki Polizzi and Mic…
Pauly D Launching Tanning Products
If DJ Pauly D knows one thing, it's tanning right? Pauly D is creating his own line of tanning products, to be sold in high end tanning salons this winter. He struck a 50/50 deal with Devoted Creations Inc., for an exclusive line of tanning lotions and sunless products distributed world wide...
Reality Show Stars That Shouldn’t Sing [VIDEO]
In the world of celeb-reality, sometimes the fact that people can get on camera makes them think they are more talented than they really are. Just because you've got a microphone pack attached to you doesn't mean you should sing. In fact, some shouldn't even be on camera.
‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Leaves Italy
Looks like the 'Jersey Shore' crew is done with Italy. TMZ took pictures of the cast packing up their belongings and moving out of their home after 2 months overseas. I'm expecting the new season of Jersey Shore to be as drama filled as all the rest.
Situation Bombs At Trump Roast
Not since Ted Danson showed up in blackface for a roast of his then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg has a celebrity's performance at the Friars Club been as poorly received as Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's skewering of Donald Trump Tuesday night.
The 10 Highest Earning Reality TV Stars
As we get closer to the end of '10, many "best of" or "top" lists will be released. This is one of them, The 10 Highest Earning Reality Stars! If you are looking for a quick payday and want to become a reality star, remember 2 things....1. Be Born into a Rich…