Robert Pattinson So Very Happy ‘Twilight’ Is Over
'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' is out this weekend, and rising up out of the waves of tween tears is Robert Pattinson ...who is PSYCHED! Here's a hi-larious supercut of Robert Pattinson not-so-subtly hating on the film franchise he's been representing for nearly half a…
The Weirdest ‘Twilight’ Merchandise
Sure, there's tons of weird merchandise out there for fans of various geek franchises to buy. However, 'Twilight' fans take the cake with the following items that beg the question: why were these things even created in the first place?
Twilight Top 40 Parody [VIDEO]
Personally I've never REALLY been one for 'Twilight', but since this video came has my attention.  May I present to you the new and improved 'Top 40 Version of Twilight" where Jacob is THAT much cooler!

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