Diamond And Gold Contact Lenses – Too Much Bling?
Seriously, remember when grills were all the rage, and everyone just had to have the most blinged out mouth around? How much damage was done to the teeth in the name of being flashy. Well, just like every fad ('planking'), there's got to be a one-up on it.
Guy Jumps On Back Of A Shark [VIDEO]
With Shark Week continuing, people just love to learn more about those animals that made you avoid the water for years after 'Jaws' hit the big screen. This nationwide obsession has gotten into the digital realm with photoshopping shark mouths on famous people (nice one Huffington Post),
Dancing Squid For Dinner [VIDEO]
Ya know, there's a lot of food I've never tried, and after watching a few episodes of 'Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern' eating anything and everything, I'm sticking to what we've got right here in Lafayette. I remember when sushi took over the area, and I thought to m…
Funniest Google Maps Directions Ever
Well, it's Friday, and everyone's itching to get out of the building. Then someone says, "go to Google Maps, and get directions from China to Taiwan, then look at #48". So we did, and here's what came up.
How To ‘Pause’ Your Cat [VIDEO]
I remembered hearing about this, but hadn't seen it in action before. I wish this worked on kids as well. From what I remember, it has something to do with cats grabbing behind the neck of kittens to carry them around, but since I'm not a veterinarian I can't say for sure, but it sure…
Lebron James Dunks On Kid At Basketball Camp [VIDEO]
Don't know if Lebron is still stinging over his team's loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Championships this year, but he's letting it be known he will not be taken lightly. During a recent basketball camp, Lebron asserts his authority on those who would challenge his throne...

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