A few recently published photos have some people wondering if Taylor Swift went under the knife to "enhance" her top half. The pics feature Taylor in a navy blue and white striped dress that have some experts suggesting that she seems to have gone from an A to a C cup! But are you buying it?

I'm gonna have a hard time believing this because, for one - Taylor Swift has made a pretty damn good living off of being "the girl next door," and any type of "enhancements" would only work against the image that Taylor and her people have perfected to the "T." Second, this seems more like a case of new "bras" than new "boob." And let's face it, if Taylor would decide to bump up her cup sizes, it's inevitable that Kanye West would appear out of nowhere to interrupt her newfound happiness and remind her that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian has the best fake boobs of all time!

Ok, I admit that joke was a bit corny, but it was too easy. Taylor isn't the first female celeb to receive speculation of augmentation, and she won't be the last. It seems that as a society, we are fascinated at the thought of our favorite female pop icons pumping up their lady lumps. Here are 4 more Hollywood ladies that may (or may not) have gotten a little upstairs work done. I'll leave you to be the judge.

Sarah Palin

Back when Sarah Palin was making a run for the White House with John McCain, she went from Alaskan governor to instant celebrity overnight. She was photographed in 2010 that had many folks wondering if she had a little "lift"work done. By the looks of these pics of Sarah back in college, I don't think she's ever had problems in her Department of Chestland Security.

Digi's Guess: REAL


Cameron Diaz

A couple months ago, Cameron Diaz caught the web's attention when bikini pictures of the actress surfaced showing a little more curvature than usual. While I do believe she has pumped up her jam a little bit up top, she kept things fairly small. When you're as hot as Cameron Diaz, I don't really think there is any wrong way to go. These pics tell an interesting story.

Digi's Guess: FAKE


Miley Cyrus

Late last year, everyone swore Miley Cyrus got a boob job. I just figured she didn't like wearing bras. (shrug) Experts even weighed in saying that it looked like she definitely went under the knife, but Miley addressed these rumors directly via Twitter saying, “Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they’d realize you don’t have to be fake to be beautiful!” (She still hates bras though.)

Digi's Guess: REAL


Lady Gaga

I don't know how we could ever tell if Lady Gaga got her breasts augmented with all of those insane outfits that she wears, but Mother Monster has already come out and said "I really want to get implants.... I love fake boobs." The tabloids insist that she has already done the deed, but until Gaga confirms - or wears a crazy topless costume to an awards show - we'll never know for sure.

Digi's Guess: REAL (weird)