Image via Wine & Marble

The teen claims she was kicked out of her prom because the fathers of the other children couldn't stop staring and talking amongst themselves in a supposedly creepy way.

Her name is Clare Ettinger, she is only 17-years-old and she is home-schooled. This means proms are few and far between. Clare told Wine & Marble in a blog that she was kicked out of her home-schooled prom because her dress was a problem for some of the dads that were at the prom, and that she was dancing provocatively. But Clare says she was only swaying to the music.

The dress as seen in the above pic, was said to be too short and didn't meet the "fingertip length" requirement. But, Clare said it did meet the requirement, it's that she is very tall and very curvy, and she looks much older then the 15-year-olds that were there.

Just a little FYI, home-schooled proms are for every age. There is no separation in grades, so it is possible that the 17-year-old will look a lot older then the 13 to 16-year-olds that were there.

After Claire was asked to leave, her friend followed her out the door but only Clare was given a refund and sent on her way. Her friends on the other hand were not given a refund.

Clare says on the Wine & Marble blog :

"She is not responsible for some perverted 45 year-old dad lusting after me - she just wants her friends to get their money back"


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