A teen put his life on the line to save his friend from being hit by a drunk driver and gets a friend for life.

15-year-old Kameron Howell-Meeker from Milwaukee had only been friends with Ellie Fielder for about a month, and now, Ellie says they will be friends forever!

Kameron is now Ellie's hero after Kameron put his life on the line by pushing Ellie out of the way of an oncoming car and was hit by a drunk driver.


The medics said it was Kameron's 6'3" frame that kept him alive. If he would've been any shorter he would be dead right now, or, if Ellie would've gotten hit she would have died on scene. Ellie said according to Daily News:

I saw my life flash before my eyes. He's my hero and my lifesaver, if it weren't for him, I would not be sitting here today."


The drunk driver, Cory Brownlee, (pictured below) was arrested on site.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

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