We have seen them at banks, pharmacies, and fast food joints, but at a CHURCH??? Yes, a pastor in Collin County Texas has launched another drive-thru church, and it is catching on!!! The pastor who offers hymns, readings, and a sermon says that this idea is a "Sanctuary Under the Sky."Those attending this type service never have to get of their car, and tune into a low frequency on their radio for hymns and readings. Yes, you don't even have to get of the car to attend this service, and some that have attended jokingly say that this is the first time they attend "church" in shorts.

This is the third drive-thru church that the pastor has launched with a primary mission of reaching the "un-churched," something he thinks Jesus approve of.

While I find this to be alarming, I am not one bit surprised that this type of practice is catching on. While many in the world today still see the importance in worshiping, too many simply feel that they don't have the time to devote all of their efforts to attending services. I will sit not here and say whether or not this type practice is a substitute for attending church, but to some, it certainly is an option.

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