We've often marveled at Michael Jordan's prolific play in the air, but what about a man who refuses to leave the ground?

Although soccer may have a bad rep in this part of the world for soft play and cheap dives, Lionel Messi, arguably the best athlete in any sport in the world right now does not fit the description of the average soccer player. In fact, the 5'6 Messi is barely human.

Watch as Messi defies the laws of physics, gravity, and human nature as he's grabbed, kicked, pushed, and punched while absolutely refusing to go down. With grace like a Russian dancer and determination like a freight train, Messi transcends his sport and displays a mixture of speed, balance, and agility that is and should be ubiquitously appreciated.

Whether you're a soccer fanatic or you've never watched a game, you'll appreciate the mystifying moves that would tear average ACLs and MCLs to shreds.