When it comes to the marriage proposal, some say there is a right way to go about doing this, and then there is a wrong way about doing this. The website guyism has listed the top seven worst ways to propose to the "love of your life," and here are their top three. Plus, I will add one to the list which they seemed to have left off.

3. The Public Proposal: The proposal may single handily be the biggest day of your life and her life. Thus, why put yourself and her in front of a crowd as you pop the question? While the moment can be strange and nerve racking all at once, putting your future fiance in this strange predicament may not be healthy for the both of you. Plus, it goes without saying that this type proposal may lead to your form of embarrassment.

2. The Social Media Proposal: I cannot lie to you, I have never heard of this one. Are men REALLY asking their sweetheart to marry them via twitter and facebook? Where have all the "Princess Charms" gone? To get onto a computer, let along a social media website, and ask someone for their hand in marriage is simply crazy. Without being to harsh here, I hope that any guy that does this is turned down, and let asking "what did I do wrong this time?"

1. The Valentine's Day Proposal: Women don't want you to really be predictable when it comes to the proposal. It goes without saying, Valentine's Day is the day most women expect their man to get down on one knee. Guys, take her out, buy her chocolates, but save the proposal for another day. Some say this day has already become cliche' enough, don't fall into the trap here.

Personally, I feel that the website guyism.com has left one off of their list. While it may go hand-in-hand, with the public proposal, I think the scoreboard proposal has got to go!! Why put your girlfriend's face on the big screen at a stadium and ask her to marry you? One, its embarrassing to her and totally not romantic, plus chances are she really doesn't want to be there in the first place. You are proposing in a setting you want to be at, and not necessarily where she cares to be at that moment. Hold the cheese here, and find yourself a better location. This form of proposal seems so 1990s.

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