This is a woman's dream closet, standing three stories high. There is no way you can't find something to wear!

As much as I want that statement to be true, most women would still say they can't find anything to wear...LOL!!

Theresa Roemer probably doesn't have that problem when she and her friend designer Thom Anderson from Houston, created a three-story, 3,000 square-foot boutique-like space to house her huge collection of designer labels. It even has a champagne bar on the 2nd floor. Mrs. Roemer says:

"Yes, it's full of amazing things, but this closet was built and intended for fundraising."


Mrs. Roemer has raised millions for places like Texas Children's Hospital and Child Legacy International.

She says her new closet will continue to get the women she hosts, to open their hearts and checkbooks for the causes she supports.

Just in case you were wondering, she calls it her "She-Cave." I kind of like the tone of that.

Now check out the video and take a tour.