For some reason I knew Lindsay Lohan couldn't just crash a Porsche into a semi truck, get treated for injuries and be on her merry way without some sort of drama. Now, TMZ is reporting the truck driver who Lohan crashed into is speaking out on some funny business that took place immediately after the crash.

Truck driver"James" is saying that he was offered bribe money in exchange for his silence about the crash. He claims that Lindsay's assistant - who was injured in the collision yesterday - and the driver of another vehicle he believed to be following Lohan explained that the woman that crashed into him was a famous person, and they did not want the media to catch wind of the accident.

James also reveals that LiLo's camp was very adamant that he remain hush-hush about a pink bag that was quickly filled with unidentified items, covered with clothing, and transported to a Cadillac Escalade that was following the actress and her assistant. I guess we'll know a LOT more when that 911 call leaks.

Do you believe the truck driver? Is there more to this story that Lohan's camp is trying to cover up?

[via TMZ]