Who would've thought 'twerking' would be this dangerous?  This video starts out like any twerking video: Just a girl in some yoga pants dancing around, until she tries to turn up the twerking. She cranks the music, puts her feet on the wall - and then it happens... twerking gone wrong. 

Is this a fake? I would hope so, but I don't think so. Just remember this one thing, if you twerk, make sure you twerk with a friend. PLEASE have a fire extinguisher handy. ()What's with all the candles anyway?)

When I first saw this video all I keep thing of is Alicia Keys song "Girl On Fire". Cue the goats.

I can never get enough of that. Try this if you can, play both videos at the same time. See if you can sync up when she catches on fire and when Alicia Keys says 'this girl is on fire'. Have a great day, and remember TWERKING isn't for everyone.