Tyler, the Creator is known for being brash, vulgar, and is as random as they come. He's also a talented producer. Oh, and he's also known as the leader and co-founder of that whole Odd Future hip-hop collective thingy. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Tyler revealed that he was one of the first people Frank Ocean told he was gay.

Yeah, I was one of the first people he told. I kinda knew, because he likes Pop Tarts without frosting on them, so I knew something was weird. [Laughs] But that's my n----.

When asked if Frank cared about his frequent use of homosexual slurs, (specifically the other F-word) Tyler says that Frank "knows him," and "knows he doesn't care about being gay." He even went on to compare it to African Americans using the "N-word" in casual conversations and how by doing so "takes the power" out of the hateful meaning of the word.

It's just another word to me. The same as "n----." Let's say Frank started using the word "f--," just jokingly. People would be so fucking confused! They wouldn't know what to do. And it could take the power out of that word.

He also took some time to chat about his upcoming album, Wolf, set to drop Apr. 2 and how high-profile features don't mean anything to him. He makes a good point saying that he sees "famous people being friends" when he knows "they really can't stand each other." So if you were expecting any Drake or 2 Chainz features on his album, forget about it!

So who does Tyler consider worthy of his collaborating time? Well duh, Miley Cyrus of course. He's actually gonna be featured with the onesie-twerking Cyrus on her upcoming album on a track with Mary J. Blige. He also "wishes that more people would like her," lol - whatever that means.

So remember kids, if you ever suspect a friend or family member might be gay, just check out their frosting preference when it comes to Pop Tarts.