While many are getting ready to put on their cap and gown, and end their college career, here is a look at some college degrees that will not bring you much wealth. According to this article, if you financially struggled through college and majored in any of theses fields, you should NOT expect to be much better off following graduation. According to The Daily Beast, here are the top majors in college that shall not bring you much wealth. Let's see if my major, Journalism, has made the Top 5 Worst College Majors.

5. Fashion Design: Starting Salary $37,700

4. Advertising: Starting Salary $37,000

3. Agriculture: Starting Salary $42,300

2. Horticulture: Starting Salary $35,000

1. Journalism: Starting Salary $35,800

Now, I see that my Degree or Major is number one. Yet, I don't think I'd change a thing about my decision to major in journalism. I love what I do, I certainly don't consider what I do "real work," and I love the people I work with each and everyday. Certainly there were more factors that go  into this list, and for more be sure to visit The Daily Beast.