One of the biggest complaints that Wal-Mart gets is their lines are way to slow and not enough of them are open. We've all been their before. That could all be a thing of the past.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc is coming up with plans to combine its stores with online technology, testing the use of lockers to hold goods ordered on the Internet until shoppers pick them up. Its going down this summer, in some of its locations.

Basically customers shop online, store the product in lockers and then pick the items up in store with out having to wait in lines. can I get an AMEN!! has something similar.  They hold items that customers order in lockers at places like Staples . The customer then goes to Staples to pick up their product rather than it being shipped to their home. Pretty Cool.

Sounds Easy RIGHT!! I guess we'll see. I will give it to Walmart, at least they recognize the problem and are trying to help out the customer on the go!