It's no secret, dubstep music is the latest fad amongst many teenagers and young adults. Around the globe, dubstep parties are happening and it seems to be quiet popular amongst those in their college years. However, the folks with Noisey sat a group of tots down and asked them to say what they thought about "Bangarang," by Skrillex.Watch what these kids had to say about dubstep music and listen to what they say this type music makes them want to do. My favorite line may be, "This music makes me want to slap my sister's fat bum." I've heard many dubstep songs in the past year and that thought has never registered in my mind.


In any case, watch these kids react to the sounds of dubstep producer Skrillex and see if there are any subliminal messages in this video. Let me give you a heads-up, at about 1:45 into this video see what message these kids are sending, though I doubt they have any clue what the "candy" in the video is representing. All in all, I think its a BAD JOKE the producers are trying to make here.