Last time I saw someone get pranked like this was during an episode of The Simpsons. Bart would call Moe's Tavern and prank Moe by saying things like, "Oliver Clothesoff! Call for Oliver Clothesoff!"- and of course my favorite, "Uh, is I.P. Freely here? Hey, everybody, I.P. Freely!" Gotta love The Simpsons. Check out what happens to this weatherman on LIVE TV.

The only difference here is this was on LIVE TV! The L.A. weatherman was doing live shout outs off of his iPad via the station's social media page. When the weatherman, Henry DiCarlo, came a cross the name "Hugh Janus," turning 10 years old that day, he didn't even realize what he had just said until the Anchormen started to literally LOL.

This is what I love about being LIVE, you never know whats going to happen. Actually, I'm sure they'll get huge numbers/ratings boost from this.